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4th Trimester Project: New Mom Health

Expert written resources and information for families. This website is designed with input from a diverse group of new mothers, to provide the latest medical evidence and offer real, honest stories to inform postpartum planning. 


BRIA is a comprehensive virtual mental health clinic for women across reproductive life stages (trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum and perimenopause). As a one-stop shop for mental healthcare, BRIA offers integrative services including talk therapy, couples/sex therapy, fertility decision-making support, MD psychiatric care, hormonal assessments, ADHD care, sleep and nutrition coaching, and Care Coordinators to guide the recovery journey.

The MotHERS program

The MotHERS program is a Canadian website which provides resources on women's health and pregnancy. The goal is to help persons who are thinking about becoming pregnant, are pregnant or are now new parents, to keep up-to-date on the latest medical information; healthy pregnancies lead to healthy children and healthy adults!

Postpartum Support International (PSI)

PSI is an international organization that increases awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that persons experience during pregnancy and after birth. PSI shares information and resources through its volunteer coordinators, website and annual conference. Its goal is to provide current information, resources, education, and to call for further research and laws to support the mental health of pregnant and parenting persons.    

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative 

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative is Canada's first and only perinatal mental health advocacy organization that is calling on the federal government to have a national mental health strategy for pregnant and parenting persons. Their National Committee is made up of numerous health care providers, researchers, and individuals with lived stories from all provinces and territories. Through social media, petitions, and much support from parents across the country, they are working towards a strategy that will leave no one behind. They want nothing less than universal screening and timely access to treatment for individuals during the pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Postpartum Harm Thoughts: An Infographic

We developed this infographic with the goal of educating pregnant and postpartum people, their partners and families, and maternity care providers about unwanted, intrusive thoughts of infant related harm experienced by so many new parents. We believe the information contained in the infographic can help to make these kinds of thoughts less frightening to those who experience them and to reduce the risk that they may develop into a mental health difficulty.

The International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health

The Marcé Society is an international, interdisciplinary organization dedicated to supporting research and assistance surrounding prenatal and postpartum mental health for mothers, fathers and their babies.

The Society aims to promote, facilitate and communicate about research into all aspects of the mental health of women, men/partners, infants and their families throughout pregnancy and the first two years after childbirth. 

The Society is multidisciplinary and encourages involvement from all disciplines including: psychiatrists, psychologists, paediatricians, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, early childhood specialists.

Government of Canada

Government of Canada has a page on their website that is focused on providing the latest information, recommendations, and advice to pregnant and parenting persons during COVID-19.  Information is provided on pregnancy, childbirth and caring for newborns during COVID-19.

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Women's Health is a clinical center which provides great assessment, and treatment of mental health concerns related to reproductive health (periods, pregnancy, and post-birth mental health concerns). The center also does research in these mental health concerns. Resources and information on perinatal mental health are provided on their website.

Saskatchewan Maternal Health

Saskatchewan Maternal Health is a program that helps parents, individuals, and healthcare providers building mental health services for pregnant and parenting persons in Saskatchewan. The program focuses on improving awareness, assisting in developing support services, and recommending policy updates for persons who suffer from depression and or anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. Several resources are provided on their website.

University of North Carolina Centre for Women's Mood Disorder 

The UNC Center for Women’s Mood Disorders is a clinical centre in North Carolina led by a group of experts in individuals with reproductive mental health concerns. They offer in-hospital and out of hospital supports, and provide resources on their website.                .      

Beyond Blue Perinatal Mental Health Australia

Beyond Blue is an Australian charity. Their website aims to provide information about anxiety, depression and suicide to the Australian community. They offer information for new and expectant parents, covering everything from bonding with their baby to spotting the signs of anxiety and depression.

The Mama Coach

The Mama Coach is a team of Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners who are committed to making motherhood easier. Their programs are based on science, empathy, and support. They offer free consultations for mom and baby (addressing sleeping, feeding, and toilet training), as well as prenatal classes and resources on pregnancy, and safety in the home. They also have several articles and other online resources on being a mom.

Isla Grace

Isla Grace is a company which created the “Baby-Led Sleep approach” which focuses on a mother’s instinct and a baby’s cues. They offer sleep coaching, and courses which help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices while building connected relationships.

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