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 Position Paper: Addressing the Childcare crisis for the Well-being of Perinatal Mental Health in Newfoundland and Labrador 

 The Perinatal Mental Health Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (PMHANL) is an assembly of compassionate and dedicated individuals who transcend boundaries of gender, identity, culture, and institutions. Our unified purpose is to advance the health and wellness of parents, children, and families by focusing on perinatal mental health. With the understanding that the childcare crisis has profound implications for generations to come, we have established the PMHANL to address gaps in programs, services, and support systems. In alignment with our mission, we recognize the urgent and symbiotic relationship between perinatal mental health and the childcare crisis affecting our province. This position paper aligns with the stepped care model and delineates our stance, collaborative community partnership initiatives, and a roadmap for comprehensive solutions. 


Perinatal Mental Health Alliance Board of Directors 

291 Water St, St. John's, NL Suite 302 

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